Planetary Interaction Changes Coming

I’m still learning about this whole “blog about the news” thing. Which is probably why, even though it came out yesterday or early this morning, I could have beaten Massively to the punch on the new EVE dev blog that talks about the upcoming changes to planetary interaction.

This mechanism has the potential to be one of the most far-reaching in EVE’s history, as far as adding new dimensions to gameplay goes. It’s… not there yet, by common consensus. But it’s being worked on. While the stuff mentioned in the dev blog are really just tweaks, they’re significant ones that will make planetary interaction easier to approach and easier to manage for those that have already done so.

That said, after the changes roll out, PI still won’t be where it needs to be. Which is defined as “where Dust 514 needs it to be.” But Dust 514 is likely still a fair ways off, so there’s time.

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