The newest EVE dev blog talks about the shortcuts now live on the Singularity test server. This is a change that will be a little jarring to some, but it’s actually long overdue.

Currently, letter and number keystrokes go directly to chat. There’s no typing “/” first. This unfortunately means that all hotkeys are either function keys or Shift/Alt/Ctrl combinations with the normal keys. This will be changing; instead you’ll hit a “set chat focus” shortcut that will direct further keystrokes to chat.

You’ll also be able to configure mouse buttons beyond the default two, and be able to, say, hold down D and right-click on a station to dock there. There’s also similar shortcuts for align, approach, orbit and lock. This will be a godsend in combat once folks get used to them.

This seems like a trivial change that will have a large positive impact on basic UI functionality. I’m not sure why it took so long to implement. But for all I know, there may have been some reason buried in the code.


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