Okay, That’s Interesting

The newest video from Rift: Planes of Telara is the most interesting yet. It shows an area of the gameworld as it normally exists, and then again as it appears under the influence of some of the different rifts. I still think the animation and models look blocky and artificial, but this footage is actually pretty neat.

I’m torn on whether or not preset configurations to the world really qualifies as anything more “dynamic” than the similar effects we already see in WoW, Guild Wars and LotRO. It depends on how it actually feels in play, I suppose. So we won’t know for a bit yet.


3 responses to “Okay, That’s Interesting

  1. I played Rift at PAX. It was very, very Wow-ish. The character I played was a plate wearing guy with a two handed axe. He had a charge move, but worked on a combo point system. Spammable attacks generate points, then finishers unleash them. I ran around for a bit, doing the generic kill-quests. All in all, I felt that it was nothing special.

  2. If Rift is to become something special – an iteration in MMO design – it will have to figure out how to exploit that “dynamic world” idea to its fullest potential. I also love the semi-freeform class development – but I’m honest enough to admit that this is a personal desire and not necessarily a game-changer for the genre.

  3. @Vigil: That’s pretty much where I’m at with Rift. “Reallly nothing special” about sums it up. I hope, however, that it proves me wrong – there are some marginally inventive ideas there, but the whole thing has to work as a package – and I don’t think I’m into paying sub fees for games that lack immersive worlds anymore. Honestly, we won’t get to see how that synthesis works until playing it, which is why I’ve signed up for the beta – at this point, it’s not a game I’d be willing to buy blind.