Play Report: LotRO

Much of my in-game time of late has been spent in Lord of the Rings Online, as followers of the Twitter Feed can attest. I’ve been playing largely on the laptop, on which the game runs surprisingly well, albeit with every setting turned down to rock bottom. The game doesn’t have the visual impact it does on the home box, but it’s playabale and not too sluggish.

I had earned close to 600 Turbine Points through play, plus the 500 I’d gotten from my month at VIP, which has now expired. This lost me access to Lone-Lands and North Downs quests for my Guardian, who’s now at level 29, not quite high enough to transition to the next zone. However, North Downs was on sale for 20% off last week, so I picked that up, which cut my supply of TPs way down… but now I can get pretty much any character to 30, and I should shortly have enough points to get into the next zone (either Trollshaws or Evendim,) even if they don’t go on sale in the next few weeks.

For those who don’t know, Virtue and bag slots get locked in when you go to VIP; you don’t lose them again when you revert to Premium, even those Virtue slots your level hasn’t entitled you to yet, unless for some reason you don’t log into the character while you’re VIP. You also keep the two extra character slots you get from Mines of Moria, although you lose the two extra slots you got for VIP. In other words, as a Premium player, I had three slots; when I upgraded with Moria I went to seven. Having reverted to Premium I’m now down to five. I am of course all set on Moria content when I eventually reach that level range, which is probably quite a ways off – but Moria is one of the parts of the game I am most hoping to see, and my guild still does stuff there.


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