Lone-Lands on Sale Again, CHEAP

The Lone-Lands Quest Pack is on sale in the LotRO Store for the doorbuster price of 50 Turbine Points. No word on when this will end, but I don’t expect it to last any longer than the weekend, at most. So grab it now if you’re so inclined.

I just did, myself. It’s worth it to me to be sure to check the store as close to daily as I can to make sure I don’t miss stupid-cheap sales like this. This means I have both Lone-Lands and North Downs and should be able to get any character to 32+ with no trouble and plenty of quests yet undone. I’m keeping my eyes open for Trollshaws or Evendim.

UPDATE: Verbage on the store’s news item regarding the Lone-Lands price drop is ambiguous. This almost sounds like a permanent price drop.

UPDATE 2: Word is it’s a permanent price drop, but I’m awaiting confirmation. This is interesting because it essentially raises the cap on completely free play from around level 25 to somewhere north of 30, probably 32-33. You can easily have 50 Turbine Points from a single character by level 20 (I had about 300 by then.)

UPDATE 3: Still no official word. I am taking the position that this is a “sale until further notice.” It could end tomorrow for all we know. Better pick it up while you can.


6 responses to “Lone-Lands on Sale Again, CHEAP

  1. I definitely grabbed it the first day. My highest character is halfway from 19 to 20 now, and finally scraped together the 500 silver for a horse.

  2. Can FTP players not use the AH? I have 3G, a house, and the 500s horse, but mainly from selling drops and crafted items on the AH.

  3. Just noticed and bought this today, after I bought a wad of TPs for AH slots and such.

    This was the first actual $ I’ve dropped on LOTRO since I started F2Ping it in early October.

  4. I think it makes a lot of sense for Turbine to ease players into using the item shop to buy quest packs. I think if they see how much better the Lonelands is with quests, they will be a lot more prone to spend on full priced packs for other areas.

  5. VIPs get 30 AH slots, with the ability to purchase more if they want more. For myself, I usually don’t use more than the 5 you’d get with the Premium tier. Others, however, tend to be powersellers and have long lamented not being able to sell more things on the AH.