The Largest Online Battle Ever

The largest battle ever in EVE Online took place today in the system of LXQ2-T, which topped out at over 3,200 participants. Per Massively:

The number of players in the system peaked at over 3,110 pilots, with alliances from the Northern Coalition political conglomeration facing off against the Russian power block from the drone regions. Lag began to set in at around the 2,400-player mark, with pilots facing several-minute delays on warp commands and module activations.

Note especially the bolded part. Don’t interpret this to mean “there was no lag until there were 2,400 players in system,” but still… most other game clients start to choke when the number of players in the vicinity gets above a few dozen. WoW crashes outright if there are too many people in Ironforge. Yet EVE manages 3,000+ people in a single system, and while I’m guessing the lag was horrendous, no fatality was scored on the server. As far as I know.

Note also that this is almost certainly the largest online battle ever, anywhere. By a lot.

4 responses to “The Largest Online Battle Ever

  1. To give people a better idea of this battle, I was in lxq2 before the fight, when all the russians jumped in there was intense lag, we tried locking primaries, couldnot do anything, so we sat there in a standoff gazing at eachothers ships, about an hour in maybe? a few gunships could get the odd cycle off, hoping that the lag was better elsewhere in the system our fc warped us to another gate to battle a second prong of the russian attack, many suffered that once setting a direction to move in, you could not change your velocity and would drift off, our fc, who somehow managed to do alright in this lag used a regroup command to keep the lagging ones together and slowly people would be able to get locks and pick ships off, I myself was in a drake, and i took a nap for an hour and 1/4, then waited another 15 minutes till i finally got the lock i had been trying to get for the past hour and a half, unfortunately my mods would not cycle, so over the course of 4-5 hours i never got a shot off, i was one of the more unfortunate ones, other managed to get 4-12 cycles off at a time, but for some reason missile ships could not fire a shot.

  2. Let us be honest though, this was very good for over 3k people at once ccp has definitely improved from the 200 man battles with lag, props to ccp for instant grid loading=) normally the laggiest part of a battle was loading the grid, but i think that this time, the server simply could not handle the number of processes happening at one time, you try taking 5 lock commands from each character, velocity commands direction, damage reports, lock timers, tracking, warp commands electronic warfare modules and missile effects all at once, not to mention in the lag people would panic and spam their buttons not making things any easier.

  3. On the one hand, I wish I could have made it to the fight. On the other…. I think I would have been very frustrated by the lag. I was in a fleet a few weeks ago with 700-ish in total, but the other side didn’t show up. There was a little lag, but it was very minimal at that time, but since we were pretty much all stationary and shooting at stationary things, I’m sure that helped reduce the server calls a ton as a result.

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