How to Get 140 Free Turbine Points

For those interested in maximizing their earning of Turbine Points, here’s a trick to get 140 more by doing nothing special – not even “playing,” really.

In the first zone (not the initial tutorial instance, but the area just after that,) there’s a quest that hands you 10 turbine points as a reward. All you have to do is talk to the questgiver a second time. The follow-up tells you to buy a specific item in the LotRO store, and turn it into the questgiver. In return you get a not-very-useful item. The trick is to keep the points and not bother with the follow-up. And you can do this quest once per server. So here’s what you do.

Log into one of the servers you’re not actually playing on. Make a new character – Dwarves are most efficient for this, since they start closest to the questgiver. Before saving the new character, check the box that says “skip tutorial.” Then log into the world.

Off to your left you will see Dwalin. Take the quest he gives you, called ‘A Little Extra Never Hurts – Part 1.” Then turn it into him. Bang, 10 Turbine Points. Don’t even take the follow-up, just log out. Rinse and repeat on each server. Delete the bogus characters if you’re tidy, but if you don’t intend to play on those servers again, it doesn’t really matter. I kept mine (all with the same name,) around just to keep track of which servers I’d done it on and which I hadn’t.

It’s practically cheating, but Turbine is apparently okay with it. That 140 points will get you a nice chunk of the way toward your second Quest Pack, and will let you snap up Lone-Lands (only 50 points right now,) right away if you’re so inclined.

3 responses to “How to Get 140 Free Turbine Points

  1. I don’t know why they made this once per server; now if they ever add a new server, they’ll need to change this quest or know that they’re handing out 10 TP to everyone. Ah well, free Lone Lands for my wife’s F2P account.

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