Station Cash On Sale

Players of EverQuest II Extended take note especially. From 11/3 to 11/9 Station Cash is 50% off. So spending $10 now gets you 2,000 Station Cash instead of 1,000. During the week there will also be special daily discounts on various items. This latter applies to EQ/EQ2/EQ2X, Free Realms, Pox Nora and Star Wars: Cone Adventures. SWG and vanguard are not on the list, and may or may not have such special offers available – is there even a Station cash Store in SWG? There is in Vanguard.

I suppose this is SOE’s way of making up for the fact that their in-game stores run much less robust sales than Turbine’s do. This is a great deal, though, and anyone thinking of picking up some Station Cash, for EQ2X or whatever, should do so now if at all possible.

One response to “Station Cash On Sale

  1. Half-price Station Cash means half-price character slots to me, and I think that $5 for a character slot isn’t out of line, while $10 feels a bit steep. I actually already unlocked 2 of my “inaccessible” characters at the full price, but last night I went ahead and unlocked the other 3, so I’m back to my full stable of 12, even though I’m only on a “regular” subscription anymore.

    Now what to do with the other 2000 SC? I’ll probably just save it tbh. I think I’ll get my wife to play with me someday, and having at least 1000 SC in the bank, so to speak, will let me buy an open slot and start fresh with her.