Incursion Mostly Delayed

The latest EVE Dev Blog by CCP Zulu is a discussion of the nuts and bolts of how the Incursion expansion is actually going to be rolled out. In short, while we’ll see Incursion at the end of this month, we won;t be seeing incursions until January.

The expansion will be rolled out in three phases; batches of miscellaneous improvements in late November and before Christmas, and the two “key elements” of the whole thing, the Incarna character creator and the Sansha Incursions in January.

The miscellaneous improvements that we’ll see by the end of the year sound nice, but personally I’m most waiting to see the new character creator, as I want to be rid of my old gimpy avatar forever. So I consider this a disappointment. And CCP can’t seriously paint this as “most of the expansion is coming out before the end of the year,” because the two pieces of the puzzle-as-advertised will be delayed until Q1.

On the other hand, I can see the reasoning. I’d rather see fully-realized, functional systems released late than half-baked stuff on time. This is something that CCP, much as I admire the way they do things, has been guilty of in the past.

4 responses to “Incursion Mostly Delayed

  1. CCP is still patching from the disaster that was Tyrannis 1.1.

    While I praise the delay of adding hefty game components (character creator and incursions), they have serious borked the code-base. They have replaced the UI back-end and while I know it is for improvements down the road, it has seriously degraded game experience for months running now.

    CCP learned their lesson with the “optional patch” fiasco of the 1.1 series. But the lesson they learned was a PR one. They are simply not calling them optional patches anymore. They called it Tyrranis 1.2 (most of the bugs remain unpatched) .. and a number of emergency supplemental patches since 1.2 deployment. Now they are extending that patch crazed series with the initial Incursion light deployment upcoming. By my count there have been 8 patches (official, optional and emergency) since 1.1 was released. And they still haven’t fixed what they broke.

    tldr/ they broke a ton of previously working game components with Tyrannis 1.1 and they have to delay Incursions to continue fixing their snafu.

  2. Although some argument can be made that it is better to release a patch when it is ready, rather than releasing sloppy patches, this is becoming a sad and typical scenario for CCP and Eve. As usual, they over-promise and under-deliver. It is understandable that software development is not an exact science, and as most things unforeseen circumstances often arise. However, based on this and previous example, perhaps CCP should not promise things. I’m getting quite tired of promised expansions that only deliver a small portion of what has been promised. Perhaps they should move to a single expansion per year?

    Am I the only one who finds this unacceptable?

    CCP should either stop promising things they can’t deliver, or do what is necessary to ship things in their entirety by the promised date. This is just not acceptable for a company that has the experience CCP does.

  3. I’m happy that CCP now seem to be being realistic about their releases. It’s much better to delay than release something half-baked, as long as you avoid becoming the next DNF. I welcome this as a fore-runner of things to come.

    Its interesting that people are on one hand bashing CCP on quality and on the other bashing them for not meeting their promises. What’s the alternative? Make no promises and only tell people what’s in an expansion once its complete? CCP have an ambitious vision. They are, for a developer, fairly open with their aims. They shouldn’t really be critized for being enthusiastic about what they want to deliver.

  4. I wouldn’t shoe-horn my comments into the delay and polish versus push out the door debate.

    CCP is delaying a promised expansion yes .. but the reason, at least I believe, for that delay is not to polish. I’m sure Incusrions will have bugs galore. No, the reason they’re delaying to buy more time fixing bugs they introduced in Tyrannis 1.1 and those introduced in Tyrannis 1.0.

    Since late september, my performance has seriously degraded .. lag in almost completely empty systems, crashes … egads, they can’t even fix the TEXT editor in evemail .. tho they claimed to have fixed it three times now!

    This isn’t progress .. its running to stand still.