It’s Good to Be Back

At some point, keeping quiet about being back in EVE became kind of a thing. I’m not even sure how it happened. But anyway, since everybody knows it anyway by now, I can announce that I’ve been back for weeks, first on a trial account to sate my periodic EVE-playing urges, and then back to my main, original account.

Last time around I had actually started a brand new character with the goal of getting a fresh start – my original character had about 6 million skill points but had accrued that very haphazardly, without any clear goals in mind. The new guy, with strong direction, had moved very quickly with the aim of getting into a Hulk, and he was pretty close to that as far as skills go, but a long way off from being able to finance the thing.

This time around, with the Incarna character creator on the horizon, I went back to my original character, who was created in the old researcher path but who had developed into a ratter and mission-runner, more or less to retain his larger head start. Upon my return, I found a hangar full of cruisers and frigates waiting for me, including my prized possession, long in mothballs:

I was taking it easy for a while there, dabbling in the market, training up some skills, cleaning up stray junk that I’d left littering various hangars in Heimatar, running level 1 missions in a Rifter to get my bearings back before doing anything serious.

In the last few days I’ve jumped back into level 2 missions. Naturally I drew the three-part “Recon” arc on the very first shot. This is basically a scouting mission into an area thick with enemies. I am slightly underskilled flying the Hurricane (I think,) so an attempt to fight my way in ended poorly, although I made it out alive and limped back to port to find myself looking at 1.5 million ISK in repair bills. Then I researched the mission, and ran it correctly, running straight for the objective in my very slow BC (remember that I’m used to the speedy and agile Rifter,) and completing the whole arc without much further trouble.

Standings-wise, I can actually run Level 3 missions for the Brutor Tribe. But I’m not yet comfortable with where my (and my character’s) skills are or with the dreadful build I’ve been using. Subsequent L2 mission runs have gone very smoothly – the BC, while technically in the cruiser class for mission lockout purposes, is overpowered for L2s. So right now I’m going to spend a couple of weeks running the comfortable missions while I build up money and skill points toward moving up to L3s. It’s more or less what I’ve been doing with the level 1s.

I’ll also be on the lookout for a new corp. The last bunch had thrown me out after months of inactivity. Cordially – I could go back if I wanted to – but I’d prefer a very active group to run with, mostly centered in Empire but not unwilling to dabble in 0.0 activities and the like.


7 responses to “It’s Good to Be Back

  1. welcome back,

    I did the same after a few months of inactivity, posted a “looking for corp” add and now I am roaming with a fun bunch and fighting the ruskies.

    Hope you find what you want \o

  2. One reason I don’t necessarily want back in with my old corp is that I am tempted to be a little… naughty. They are not a naughty bunch. Still thinking about it, though.

  3. well ard, think about you want to do, have fun in the game and enjoy it. I got out of the insane ops that required me to spend hours and hours running after my tail.

    now I am having a blast and in 1 week, 21 kills, 2 loses \o/

    • Right now my goal is to finish re-acquainting myself with EVE, and in the process get into L3 missions and a Battleship, and to where I can comfortable replace it. (I can replace my BC now but it wouldn’t be comfortable.)

      I expect it’ll take a couple of weeks to get to L3, then another couple of months to get ready to really fly the BS correctly. I’d like to have found a corp by then – so I’m not in a rush.

  4. WB, in order to avoid the huge repair bills train up some armor skills and use armor/hull repairer to fix up your ship while orbiting the station. Since you seem to be minmatary trained, armor skills could be useful for many ships beside cane.
    I am back in EVE as well, partially due to the 5 day free $19.99 60-day thing that CCP is doing, partially because EVE is never ending struggle that we all come back to for some reason.