Kotaku Gushes Over Incarna Character Designer

Link HERE. Not news anymore, really, but the accompanying video is interesting.

This one appears to be from a more recent build than the last couple of videos I spotlighted, and (I think) highlights the capabilities of the new functionality very well. Of course, this makes it slightly irritating that we won’t be seeing it live until January. I have a general aversion to test servers.


One response to “Kotaku Gushes Over Incarna Character Designer

  1. But the EVE test server is actually fun!

    And with the new installer/launcher they’ve made for it, it’s easy as pie to use too.

    rules: Only 1 system in 0.0 is free-for-all pvp. All other systems are “don’t shoot people becuz you’ll be booted from the server.” You can request to be moved instantly to the pvp system so you don’t have to take the time to warp there from however far away you are.

    It’s actually a really good place to do pvp tests vs corpmates (everything’s seeded on the markets for 100 isk, so it’s “risk free losses”) and to test pve setup vs rats and such.

    That said….. the last time I logged in to Sisi was to play with the character creator, and I never even logged in to a ship. And the last time before that was. . . . . . . so long ago I don’t remember. So take me with a fistful of salt.