LotRO Points Cards Now Available

For those not aware, LotRO points cards are now available at select retailers. I can verify that they are available at GameStop in $25 increments (2000 points,) and they’re supposed to be available at Best Buy and Target as well. I was unable to confirm the latter, as the Target staff told me no such item was in their system, implying that they couldn’t even order them. But then again, the well-paid and highly skilled Target could have been wrong.

I’m figuring (without doing any actual math,) that an MoM-enabled, ex-subscription account (that is, with all bag slots, gold cap and trait slots already unlocked) should be able to buy pretty much the whole game for about 4,000 points, excluding extra skirmishes and the shared bank. Certainly it’s enough to unlock enough content to reach the level cap if one waits for sales.

I haven’t seen them, but I’m guessing that the points cards will be available in $10 (with 750 points,) packages as well, judging from the DDO cards. Either way, the dollar cost per point is slightly more than if you just bought the points straight from the LotRO store, but only slightly.


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