First Look: The Incarna Character Designer

At odds with my usual reluctance to play with half-finished stuff on test servers (a vague policy that I have sometimes made exception to,) I set up the Singularity client the other day and started fooling with EVE’s new character creator. Here are some observations.

  • This makes much better-looking characters than the existing functionality. Much.
  • Customizability of facial and body features is similar in flexibility to All Points Bulletin. There is no equivalent to APB’s symbol designer, however.
  • The whole utility is, as they say, “not yet ready for prime time.” It’s remarkable in what it does, but in places it seems about half-finished.
  • Many things are clearly missing, including options for clothes, facial hair and glasses. Facial hair in particular seems generally unfinished. You should be able to change hair colors, but this seems to be disabled – at least, I couldn’t get it to work.
  • All in all, it’s pretty cool and I’m looking forward to the next iteration showing up on Singularity.

One response to “First Look: The Incarna Character Designer

  1. I 1st monkeyed with it a little after it 1st came out and I could change hair color then. The latest release does look different, though, so that functionality could be disabled at the moment. I liked the neon green hair with the holograms in it, actually.