New LotRO Expansion Announced

Turbine just snuck out an announcement of the next expansion for LotRO, entitled Rise of Isengard. Here’s the (fairly unilluminating) teaser trailer.

Press release HERE. Details are slim at this point, but the highlights are a release date some time in 2011, an increased level cap (to 70,) a continuation of the epic story arc, and a retooled Monster Play. This last will also be opened up to all players, although to what extent remains to be seen. From the sound of things, I think the whole thing will be handled via the in-game store. But it’s possible we’ll see some kind of retail package as well.

UPDATE: More details at Massively.

One response to “New LotRO Expansion Announced

  1. You have been a new breaking fiend lately 🙂 I think you beat everyone else by six hours or so on announcing this. I am a lot more excited about this expansion after reading that massively article you posted. Three new zones sounds promising.