Learning Skills To Go Way of Dodo

Dev Blog Here, courtesy of CrazyKinux. Learning skills are going away, replaced with an across-the-board attribute bonus and a reimbursement of the skill points invested in Learning Skills.

I’m going to take a closer look at numbers, but I’m provisionally happy with the change.


3 responses to “Learning Skills To Go Way of Dodo

  1. @coppertopper not really, CCP is on record with various developers mentioning that they’d love to remove the learning skills (they said this was bad initial design years ago and have pretty much always wanted to remove it). The only thing to ask is “ok but why did it take you x years to do this?”. They’re not mimic-ing anyone. They’re just a little slow getting the changes to market sometimes….

  2. Perpetuum doesn’t have learning skills — 1 get 1 point per minute, and that’s it. You also don’t train your skill, you just accumulate a pool and spend them when you have enough or feel like it.

    TBH, I like the Perpetuum system better as a result. No partially trained skills. Hm. I haven’t logged in to Perp in a week, so I should have about 10,000 points I can go spend. Perhaps tonight I’ll do that.

    And with all that said, I completely welcome the change to EVE and I already have a good Idea where I want my 2.2 million “new” SP to go. . . .