Mount & Blade: Warband Key Snafu Causes Rage, Tears

Those folks who bought Mount & Blade: Warband on sale from Steam over the last day or so, and who expected to be able to be playing it now are disappointed, as it turns out. Including myself.

M&B:W is one of the few titles sold through Steam that requires you to enter a CD key to activate it; normally, you buy something, install it and it just works. In this case, alas, Steam is sending out a 5×5 key for a game that’s asking for a 4×4 key. It may be that they’ve run out of valid keys, or it may be just some kind of goofy problem.

I am, of course, one of those affected. While Steam customer support isn’t really what I’d call agile on… well, any issue, really, I do expect that things will work out and that stuff will be fixed at some point on Monday.

As you’d expect, people are overreacting HERE and HERE. Some are blaming steam, others Taleworlds. Some are ragequitting, which I think is hilarious given that they bought the thing on Sunday of a holiday weekend, and are furious because it wasn’t fixed in a matter of minutes. Mind, I too am annoyed by the situation. But flipping out doesn’t really help.

Who’s to blame? On the one hand, you’d think that Steam would be prepared when they made ready to put the game on sale. On the other, why does Taleworlds even need an extra DRM step, beyond that DRM which Steam provides to any game?

4 responses to “Mount & Blade: Warband Key Snafu Causes Rage, Tears

  1. I’m with you in the group of “patiently waiting” without causing a fuss. I got many other games to play until they fix us. : )

  2. I’ve emailed steam support, probably along with many others, shouldn’t take ’em long to fix this, if it does, I’ll never buy any steam game that needs a cd ket again!

  3. For $7.50, and given its improvements over M&B, its worth waiting for the fix. And like everyone else, I have a ton of games to play before then any ::shakes fist at Steam sales::