CrazyKinux is Evil! He Has a Mustache and Everything!

An anonymous person calling him/herself “Khaaaaan” over at the otherwise-laudable EVE Report has a post up calling on CrazyKinux to step down from his position of leadership in the EVE fan community.

No, really.

I’m serious.

Just go read it, okay?

Now, there have already been some responses to this “controversy” HERE and HERE which lay out all that pretty much needs to be said on the matter… if one were to take the post at face value.

I submit, however, that, this being EVE we’re talking about, there must be a deeper and more nefarious purpose behind the post, aside from its obvious value in the field of absurdist humor. This being the case, I have come up with my own pet theory, but I’m not going to tell you what it is.

No, to hear it you’re going to have to tune in to the first episode of the New Eden Chronicles Podcast, which should be heading your way in the neighborhood of late next week (I think – we’re not sure how long these will take to edit, yet.)

UPDATE: Another response of sorts HERE. This is the funniest one yet – read the last two paragraphs closely.

2 responses to “CrazyKinux is Evil! He Has a Mustache and Everything!

  1. Any news on upcoming podcast?
    I’m disappointed with post on EvE_Report about CK.

    In my opinion CK is doing a great job 🙂
    You guys just keep it up,
    don’t mind other people,
    just do what you like.

  2. I for one am calling for an elected Council of Blog Pack Management which will also act as a special review commission to ensure that all EVE Online related contests follow the rules that have been laid out! The machinations of this evil, mustachioed “Crazy” (like a fox!) Kinux need to be monitored at all times!

    While CK has his detractors, that is one of the perils of stepping up and doing something for a community. No matter what you do, somebody will hate you for it. But does he really occupy any special position, is there anything from which to step down?

    Wasn’t there another EVE podcast calling for CK’s death back in February or so?