Ardwulf’s Holiday Haul

It was a Rock Band heavy Christmas, with me scoring Rock Band 3 (plus keyboard controller) the Metal Track Pack and Track Pack 2. A PSN points card also netted me the Doors mega-pack that released around the same time as RB3. Turns out that importing the RB2 songs into RB3 costs about $10, but Christmas cash will get me another $20 points card to take care of that and download some more goodies. Also on the slate to pick up with the Amazon gift card is Lego Rock Band, which has some tracks that I can’t turn away. Plus all the nieces and nephews love playing the game as well – I hauled the whole console and crate of peripherals up to Cleveland for the holiday, and everyone loved it.

For the PC, I used Christmas cash to grab The Witcher Extended Director’s Cut for $5 and the Dragon Age Ultimate Edition for $24.99 from Steam. I’ve futzed a bit with the Witcher and it seems interesting although I’m not in love with the combat. Dragon Age I expect to be my primary diversion once I finish Mass Effect 2.


2 responses to “Ardwulf’s Holiday Haul

  1. And while you’re looking to finish up Mass Effect 2, I just acquired it with birthday cash a couple of days ago. Still need to finish ME1, however, first. Also, mostly buried in Lord of the Rings Online for my gaming time.

  2. I haven’t touched LotRO in weeks… but I did pick up basically all of the pre-Mirkwood quest packs when they were on sale for Thanksgiving weekend. I will get back to it at some point in January, I expect.

    When I wrote this post I was about to start the final push in ME2’s storyline. Just finished it a little bit ago. Very happy with the game overall.