How to Follow Ardwulf

A happy New Year to all. Bit late on that, but I was out late last night and had a full day today. Much of the New Year’s party I was at was filled up with Rock Band 3. Tomorrow it’s back home and up all night in preparation for moving back to third shift on Monday evening. I plan to put some of those hours into Dragon Age, and I have some thing I’d like to get done in EVE in the next couple of days.

For the benefit of those new to Ardwulf’s Lair, or who have managed to miss my very occasional mention, there are several places you can keep up with me and what I’m doing other than this blog. There the Twitter feed, for example, and my profiles on Steam and Raptr, where you’re welcome to add me as a friend.

This is the first post of Year Four of Ardwulf’s Lair, by the way… and I’m closing in on 750 posts, although I don’t expect to make a fuss about it until I hit 1,000, which should happen some time this year.


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