Gods & Heroes Beta Key Giveaway

I have a closed Beta code for Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising. I will give it away to someone who comments on this post.

You must post a comment on this post by midnight tonight (EST.) That’s a little under 14 hours from now.

You must include an e-mail address, not in the comment itself (which would flag it as spam,) but in with the login credentials along with your name, website (optional,) etc.

Just after midnight I will pick someone randomly (the old-fashioned way, with polyhedral dice!) and send off the key. I’ll also update the post to announce the winner.


5 responses to “Gods & Heroes Beta Key Giveaway

  1. I was afraid that somehow WordPress.com was automatically recycling old posts when I saw this title.

    Gods & Heroes? Really? The game that even SOE didn’t want to publish?

    As noted above, their web site seems pretty free of information.

    Good luck to whoever wins.

  2. I’ve got a key. MMORPG had 5000 to give away this morning and they still have over 3000 left 8 hours later.

    Unfortunately I have yet to get the log-in to accept my name and password, even though they work fine to log into the same account on the website.