Returning to LotRO

Time being what it is, I’ve had to do a lot of careful budgeting of gaming time lately. I got a fair amount of EVE in over the last three weeks of December (when I was on break from class,) played through Mass Effects 1 and 2, and dabbled a bit with Dragon Age after that. When classes resumes on the 4th of this month, I more or less surrendered my gaming time during the week. Today, after almost two months of doing nothing more than quickly checking in every couple of weeks, I came back to LotRO for a marathon session (eleven hours, according to Raptr, but there were food and bathroom breaks in there, fear not.)

A great deal was accomplished: I gained two levels, taking me to 35, noodled around a lot exploring and crafting, and choked trying to solo a fellowship quest or two. I’m closing in on the end of North Downs content, but I have all the content packs up through Moria, so I’ve plenty left to do. And, having had the money for it for a while now, I bought a house.

As you can see, I went with the Mannish housing in Bree-Land despite playing a Dwarf, for a couple of reasons. First, I don’t actually like the Dwarf houses all that much. Second, because you get one house per account, and I have more other characters as well. And also because, along with the racial port ability to Thorin’s Hall, I now have instant travel to two racial hubs. Bree is more or less the central hub of the game, inasmuch as I’ve seen so far, and it’ll be nice to be able to port to a location near there.

LotRO’s housing system is a bit… primitive, compared to EQ2’s. Then again, I never managed to get a place looking more than cluttered and disorganized in EQ2, and I always looked upon the amazing work some folks were doing with the system in awe and dismay. A Sims player I am not. In LotRO it was the work of but a few minutes getting the place nice and homey, so it’s at least very approachable.


7 responses to “Returning to LotRO

  1. Eric and I still play regularly, although we haven’t grouped with each other much since the holidays. ‘Tis a great game, and I am really enjoying it. Got a 44 Hunter, and a 40 Lore Master, and a mishmash of really low alts.
    If you are 35, you have quite a bit still to go before you are truly done with North Downs, BTW, when you consider Dol Dineen, Ram Duath, and Fornost.
    I’m messing around now in Angmar and the Misty Mountains….looking forward to Goblin Town!

  2. And the EQ2 housing is way way better than LOTROs. I expected an experience like the former when I bought my pad, but other than hanging trophies on the wall, I hardly ever go there.