Ardwulf Presents: How to Play DDO

I have been meaning for ages to do more YouTube videos. But time blah blah blah… you know the drill. Anyway, I managed to hack together a couple of basic tutorial videos for DDO over the weekend, and today got them edited and posted.

The video quality’s not what I would like, and vid capture itself made my DDO framerate a bit sluggish, but I’ll be working on that, as well as eliminating a couple of sloppy bits (like the 1.5 minutes of dead air at the end of the second video.) Meanwhile, check out my channel HERE, and I encourage you to subscribe so you’ll catch newer vids as they come out.

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UPDATE: Upon review, the quality of the vids is pretty awful. Episode 3 should be markedly better, as I’ve figured how to get my (high quality) vidcaps out of Windows Movie Maker in roughly equally good quality. I’d been planning to hold off on #3 until next week, but I’ll try to get it done in the next couple of days instead. It’s also probably time to clean up my YouTube channel in general.

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