New Faces

I’ve been playing EVE sporadically all week, but hadn’t had the chance to play with the new character creator until the weekend. Finally, I have my new avatars.

Overall, I am extremely pleased, although I think there needs to be more ‘stuff’ – more options for hair and clothes in particular. But the engine is extremely powerful, and the whole package is smoother and better filled-out than it was when I fooled with it on Singularity.

The selection of clothes is going to be something of a problem. Not so much now, but when Incarna goes live, it’ll be an issue if every avatar is wearing one of the three different outfits in one of three different colors. You can pick and choose the pieces, so it’s not quite so bad as I’m making it sound, but we’re still going to need to see some mechanism for bringing new customization options into the game.

I would hope that this will happen via the existing economy, meaning that ‘outfits’ or costume pieces would be actual in-game items that need to be manufactured and transported by players, but time will tell – I’m sure CCP has put some thought into this. I just hope we don’t wind up with something as dopey as a cash shop where you pay $2 for a virtual shirt. Any such system will be incomplete, of course, unless it includes assless chaps.

And before I forget (as it went unmentioned by me for about two months,) if you’d like to try out EVE’s shiny new character creator, I’d encourage you to click through one of my banner ads, or follow the link HERE for a free 14-day trial. If you elect to turn one of those trials into a subscription, it helps to support this site.


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