Old Republic to Fail in September?

Moon Over Endor, probably the best SWTOR-specific blog, is floating a rumor that surfaced at some previously-unknown-to-me UK site. Said rumor is that SWTOR will launch in September of this year.

Based on absolutely no evidence, this feels right to me. I still predict that it will go down as a huge money-loser no matter how good it is. But I do hope that Bioware will prove me wrong, and that it will do so extraordinarily well as to pay off its equally-rumored massive budget. And also that they’ll manage to shoehorn some MOVE… er, MMO into the Mass Effect/WoW mashup that I see so far.


7 responses to “Old Republic to Fail in September?

  1. Why would TOR lose money? I’m sure it will take some time to recoup the development costs but I hardly think it’s going to fail. But then again none of us knows for sure what’s going to happen when TOR releases.

  2. Well the problem is they’ve spent at least $200m on it.

    If they have two million customers spending $50 on the box and paying $15 per month for an average of 3-4 months (after the free month) their net matchs their costs. Not their profit, their net.

    Two million customers is a really big ask.

  3. Ahh another SW:ToR failure post,Im a tad surprised to see it here right enough but hey ho.

    First we need to put things into perspective, what exactly is failure? Coming second to WoW? Building an mmo which may take a few months to recoup its initial outlay? I think this term is banded about too often.

    Also the mass effect/wow mash up dig I dont get – doesnt the majority of MMO gamers moan about having to read boring quest text? I for one look forward to being involved in a well thought out story arc, add to that my choices actually have an impact on how npcs react to me / how my character will progress and all I see is a dev team trying something new……….. which again I thought a lot of players were screaming for.


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  5. hmmm Mass Effect like combat with regular MMO mechanics – does sound like Tabula Rasa actually.

    But IMO this game will succede if they nail the immersion factor. If you truely feel part of the Star Wars universe then it could succede likr World of Starcraft probably would.