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Welcome to Ardwulf’s Blogger Challenge, where every week the MMO blogging community is asked a question, to answer on their own blogs. Not a blogger yet? Well, now’s your chance. Write up your own perspective on this week’s question, include this paragraph, and don’t forget the links, so that you’ll get a trackback on the original post on Ardwulf’s Lair.

For this Blogger Challenge, pick an MMO. It doesn’t have to be your favorite MMO, or the one you’re playing right now, but you should be very familiar with it – it should be a game you have played quite a bit of. Now change it to better match your ideal MMO. But it still should remain recognizable – the most important and central things about the game shouldn’t change, and you shouldn’t try to make WoW into EVE. What would you change? What do you consider to be the game’s “core principles” that should stay sacrosanct, or which are so good you’d never dream of changing them?

I’ll take EverQuest II as mine.

Things I’d Change:

  • Make the world seamless. Load screens are an immersion-breaker, and they’re everywhere in the EQ2 leveling experience. At minimum, make them less frequent – do the different parts of Freeport really need to be separated by load screens? Certain things, though, would need to be instanced, like dungeons and housing.
  • Make crafting more important. Instead of top-end loot dropping from raids, drop crafting ingredients that can be sold on the open market, to make gear that can also be sold on the open market.
  • Get rid of the samey-ness of the classes’ combat abilities. Mix things up, have more utility abilities, and don’t be scared to hand out more powerful combat arts and spells on longer cooldowns.

Things That Should Stay the Same:

  • The relentless focus on PvE and questing content. I’d like to see better PvP, but it should remain a sideline activity.
  • Instancing. I’m not generally a fan of it, but EQ2 does instanced dungeons as well as any other game, and it keeps people from making a mess of the world.
  • The easter eggs hearkening back to EQ1. Even as someone who never did much in EQ, these often delight me.
  • The spread and selection of races and classes. There’s more than you need, but I like a good selection. Thematically, I think EQ2 has the strongest class selection in class-based MMOs (if not mechanically.)
  • Other than making it more a part of the actual world, keep housing exactly the same.

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One response to “Blogger Challenge

  1. Puzzle Pirates

    Things I’d Change:
    I’d introduce an auction house, but keep it local to an archipelago rather than server-wide. (The game presently has no auction function, though you can comparison shop island-wide from any shop.)
    I’d make Battle Navigation double blind.

    Things I’d Keep:
    Almost everything else. The focus on puzzle games to do nearly everything in the game and the intricate economy (complete with crafting/shopkeeping suite) are rock solid.