So Long, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen, Good Night

I work the late shift, so I’m accustomed to sleeping through the latter half of the day and waking up at 9 or 10 for work. I woke up tonight expecting to record the next episode of the New Eden Chronicles, but checking the e-mails first revealed that our recording had been pushed back. But I’d also gotten an e-mail from Karen asking me to be on the latest Shut Up, We’re Talking.

The show is up now, and it’ll be the last Shut Up, We’re Talking. Darren is stepping aside for a while. We’ll be sure not to let him take too long of a break, but at least for now it means goodbye to what has long been my favorite podcast.

I first felt that I’d “arrived” as an MMO blogger when I got mentioned on SUWT #18. I was thrilled when I was invited (unprompted by me) to be on episode #49, and groused good-naturedly afterwards at having missed milestone show #50 by just a week or so. To have been asked back for the 76th and final show was – and I hate to sound cheesy here – a tremendous privilege. I almost felt unworthy to be counted among that crowd: not only Darren and Karen, but Brent and Shawn and Tipa and Johnathan. These folks were and are a big part of my life and trajectory as a blogger, and even though Darren is taking a break, he’ll continue to be. Makes me want to do more podcasts, honestly, if only to drag him out of retirement.

So I’d like to wish Darren good luck, wherever he finds himself during his sabbatical. And to remind him, lest he stay away too long, that my trunk is very spacious, and that I have a large supply of duct tape on hand.

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