What Led You Here?

The top 5 internet searches (of all time) that led people to Ardwulf’s Lair:

  • kittens
  • warhammer online walkthrough
  • aion review
  • warhammer online guide
  • world of darkness online

“Megathron” is number eight, by the way. “World of Darkness Online” is still steadily climbing the chart, and should be #3 before too long. And inexplicably, “entropy,” a word I can’t even recall using here, much less putting into a title or tag, is #10.

8 responses to “What Led You Here?

  1. World of Darkness Online brought me in. You should maybe help CCP showing your visit numbers for this tag, and its ascension rate =P
    Now Kittens is #1 ? What the…
    entropy is everywhere and in everything man, no reason for surprise. πŸ˜‰

  2. A link from Virginworlds.com led me here. I liked your “no-nonsense” podcasts from long time ago, everything else is history.

  3. I think I found your place when looking for EVE newbie information. I stayed for the rest.

    …but I still haven’t tried EVE. Don’t worry, when I do, it will be through your referral. πŸ˜‰

  4. My site a dedicated news, community site for the WoD MMO has been getting steady hits growing weekly. So no surprise on that level. There is certainly a hunger within the gaming and MMO community for information and anything that is reported is gobbled up. I would venture to say WoD is going to continue to gather momentum this year. As if they still have a 2012 target for released (moved up from 2010 originally) the code of silence should be broken, no later then this years Grand Masq in Sept. Going to be a fun ride either case! πŸ™‚