Choose My Adventure

Some time this week I should be back in World of Warcraft on my regular account. I’ve already decided to make some new characters. I’d like to focus on one exclusively until I get him into Cataclysm content, but I’m not decided on which one (or, barring that, for as long as I can stand.) So I’ll let the readership vote on it via the comments.

You con opt to vote based on whatever criteria you think should apply; coolness, power, shininess of the progression zones, or whatever. Feel free to explain your reasons. I’ll do my best to work the character up at least to the mid levels, reporting as I go.

Here are the potential choices:

  • Tauren Warrior
  • Undead Mage
  • Dwarf Shaman
  • Orc Rogue

All are classes I should like in old-world zones that Cataclysm revamped but which i haven’t seen yet. But I’ve never managed to get very far in any of them (I have a 28 Mage right now that I plan to delete in favor of the aforementioned Forsaken, and he’s the highest – I’ve never gotten a Shaman or Rogue past 13.)

A few options are left off the list intentionally; I intend to experience the Worgen content playing with Mrs. Ardwulf, for example, so that’s out for this purpose. And I have no real interest in playing a Goblin, although I intend to make one off-server just to see their zones.


5 responses to “Choose My Adventure

  1. Undead mage. Downtime during leveling is a big pain. The mage has its own water/food vendor build in. The warrior dies to easy if you agro to much, no real escape ability. It always frustrated me on the one I played. Shaman’s are the bastard child of blizzard. Just when they seem to get a buff, they are quickly nerfed again. Always a secondary class, being a hybrid. Orc Rogue would be my second choice behind the mage. I found leveling a rogue fun, but it was slow being I couldnt stay out of BG’s. Stealthing around and just being a menace is too much fun!!!!

  2. With a Tauren Warrior, once you get Titans Grip (should you choose Fury, and choose it over Single-minded Fury) you get to dual wield 2 handed weapons. On a Tauren. and that’s just badass.

    Any undead character gets to experience the best revamped starting zone (next to troll) and Silverpine/Hillsbrad beyond that is just as good (but you can, really, do that with any character)

    with an Orc Rogue you get shadowstep, which is just too much fun and it’s nigh on impossible to die soloing with a rogue.

    Oh, and as for a Dwarf Shaman… Stay away. Stick to the horde.

    I’d go with an Undead Mage. Just for the fun and seamless 1-30 progression on the Eastern Kingdoms.

  3. It would be folly to roll a new rogue and not play as goblin. Seriously the stealth animation is awesome. Assassination is the best leveling spec as mutilate is OP at low levels. Avoid sub tree as its only good for pvp and shadowstep is over rated

  4. I’ve been playing all races just to see the new starting zones. So far, I’m most impressed with the Tauren updates, but I haven’t seen the Undead ones yet. I’ve heard the Undead starting area and well into Silverpine are really well done.

    I couldn’t tell you on class, though. I’m partial to Druids and Hunters for strong soloing. It really depends on what sort of play you like. Of those four, I’d probably play the Shaman, though the others would be fine.