Fippy Busts Out

I tried to get into Fippy Darkpaw on Tuesday and managed it briefly, but on subsequent logon attempts I failed – the server was full. Turns out interest is so high that SOE’s launched a second progression server, named Vulak’Aerr.

I say good for EQ. I have no nostalgic fondness for it, but there’s no question its a special game. It remains to be seen just how popular this’ll be after the complimentary time winds up over the weekend, but I have a hunch that the effort will raise EQ’s visibility for a while, even if there’s a dip come next week. Score one for the good old days!


4 responses to “Fippy Busts Out

  1. I’m still waiting on Blizzard to do the same thing for WoW. My guess it will not be done, until the games popularity dies down, and they are in need of some revenue.

  2. From statements they’ve made, Blizzard appears to have a long-term plan for a waning player base. I think they understand that this time will eventually come and plan to keep the revenue stream up with whatever WoW’s successor (or successors) will be, while shifting WoW’s resources into those other projects.

    Also, the player base for WoW is so large that it would take a major collapse (i. e. subs going down by 80% in the space of maybe two years) to put the game in anything like the position that EQ is in now, for at least several more years.

    Plus, SOE are really the only folks who do this kind of thing. Even then, there are issues; even if timestamped iterations of the server code have been retained (SOE claims not to keep them,) that server code then needs to be reworked to run with the current client, and vice-versa. If you just roll the code back from an old version, you roll long-fixed bugs back in as well, which is highly undesirable, and I doubt that the programmers keep logs with this kind of thing in mind, so working backward while only keeping the desirable bits would be a pretty monumental effort – probably not worth doing for any game but EQ and a handful of other games of similar age.

    Which is all a long-winded way of saying I don’t see it happening.

  3. It is clear from what I’ve seen over the last couple of days on Fippy that we’re playing on the current server code with all of the updates that have gone in over the years and that really all that has been changed is some parameters on how certain things behave.

    So they slip the exp slider all the way to the “hard” end of the scale and set the flags to act as though we only had the base product.

    And even the latter might not be the case. I haven’t tried it, but it looks like all the races and classes are in the game and that you can create a character in Crescent Reach, which came in with the 2006 expansion The Serpent’s Spine.

    As for WoW, I just don’t think they are far enough along their life cycle curve to be thinking about playing the nostalgia card in the big way that SOE has been. While something like Cataclysm makes playing that card a little more difficult (Qeynos hasn’t changed much since 1999, Stormwind changed quite a bit with Cata) I bet the potential money involved would make the effort of a 2004 server worth the time.

    We’ll see. Given how much Blizzard has paid attention to EQ and used it as an inspiration, I would be very surprised if they weren’t planning to borrow from the EQ playbook for WoW’s declining years.

    • I’ve argued for a while now that they could box the game up as a single player offline Blizzardish Oblivion and get a “last gasp” sale out of the thing. Classic servers have been called for by oldtimers for a while now. They definitely have options.