PC Upgrade Incoming (plus Oblivion)

I picked up a new shiny 1TB hard drive over the weekend, and will be picking up a new optical drive and a copy of Windows 7 this week. At some point in the next couple of weeks I’ll get the PC opened up, cleaned out, and all the new stuff instaled, plus some other bits I haven’t gotten around to setting up yet (like my 5.1 surround system.) Windows 7 alone should provide me with a decent performance boost for memory reasons, and I’ll be happy to see the back of Vista.

The old 500GB drive is getting repurposed for media storage – captured game video is a hog. Plus podcasts using the new rig.

I managed to get Oblivion running again today, by uninstalling it in Steam and deleting the remaining files, then reinstalling. The two mods I am using thus far are the Unofficial Oblivion Patch and Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul. The first of these cleans up pretty much every remaining bug in the game not addressed by official patches, while the second refines a bunch of game mechanics (including the leveling issue,) adds a bunch of content, and generally smooths the game’s progression out while ramping up difficulty a bit.

So after several tries, it runs. I will likely tweak it some more, starting with the Oblivion Mod Manager, pretty much a must-have for getting Oblivion to work with more than a couple of addons – and there are addons for freaking everything, from textures to mechanics to addition content up to whole regions. It’s a very mature modding community.


One response to “PC Upgrade Incoming (plus Oblivion)

  1. you’ll like windows7; i was at first lost and frustrated at the new gui, but now i’m used to it and its fantastic; so convenient!