A Detour to Oblivion

I spent the drive home fully intending to hop into WoW and run a quick dungeon or two on my Mage, who is now level 32. Instead, I spent my daily 30-45 minutes of game time in Oblivion instead.

I installed the Better Cities mod yesterday, and it seemed at the time to work. However, the game did start crashing for me – on exit, fortunately – and today I noticed some missing textures as well around the Sideways Cave, which I have to think is related to the mod as well. So I may end up ditching it, despite the work involved in the install and the fact that it really does improve the look of the Imperial City (that I’ve seen so far.)

I also found some more ruins, inhabited by a minotaur that I kited around forever until I stumbled across some Imperial Guardsmen, who were… very helpful in helping take it down. The warrens connected to the ruin had some skeletons and traps, and a bit of loot. All this got me to the brink of level 2. When I bunked down for the night to actually get the level increase, I awoke to find the tavern-ship I’d been staying in hijacked by Blackwater Brigands and put out to sea. Taking them down got me a few more nice pieces of loot.

I’m finding Oblivion extremely immersive so far, and one of the things that kept me away from it for as long as I was – the first-person perspective – to be an actual aid in this regard. It’s got its flaws, of course – the clumsy third-person and the terrible faces spring to mind immediately – but the big sandbox is very appealing. I fully intend to stay away from the main quest for the foreseeable future, and set out to become the baddest and most ruthless archmage I can be.

On the upgrades front, I have my copy of Windows 7. It seems increasingly unlikely that I’ll get to work on the upgrades this weekend, but maybe next weekend. Having it all done and ready to go for Spring Break seems like a plan.


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