Nearing the Limit Again

There wasn’t much game time over the weekend, but I did manage to clock into World of Warcraft for a few hours.

Vaktor is now finished with Deepholm, is well into level 84 and adventuring in Uldum. Something I’m noticing with the new zones is that right around the time they start to wear out their welcome, you’re almost done with them. I did stick around to finish the Deepholm arc, which was neat enough. So far I’m liking the Uldum one better, though.

My Mage, Strathcairn, ran several dungeons using the RDF, including a couple – Scarlet Monastery and Maraudon – that I’d never set foot in before (hell, I have no idea where Maraudon even is.) By the end he was kitted out in almost all blue gear, and I spent the time between dungeon runs in Undercity leveling up his Tailoring, which ate away at my once-substantial Hordeside cash reserve.

One of the issues with the faster leveling that’s been gradually incorporated into WoW over the last few years is that it’s fast enough now that you almost never get to work up tradeskills organically – that is, as you level, keeping your tradeskills roughly on par with where they should be. The leveling is so fast now that you either have to choose to throttle leveling to gather materials, or abandon it and grind it up later, which almost always means doing it at the level cap.

Vaktor is having the same issue with Mining and Blacksmithing – I’d had mining high enough to harvest stuff in Icecrown, but now high enough to do it in the opening Cataclysm zones, and I had Blacksmithing stuck in the mid-100s for just about forever, with tons of unusable ores sitting in the bank. Last week I tried to fix that, and 1000+ gold later I’d gotten him to 330 – right aroiund where my huge and dusty supply of Fel Iron ran out, and where working him higher would take another expenditure of more gold or lots of tedious grinding of ore in Outland, which I am disinclined to do.

I hate WoW crafting, and I have no idea why I continue to do it. At least with Tailoring there is the promise of huge bags and flying carpets.

I do have almost 3000 gold stocked away. I figure I’ll have enough for the highest level of flying right around level 85 – the money rolls in pretty fast at these levels (which is part of the problem with the economy.)

This week the priorities are to get the PC upgrade done, hopefully before the weekend, then to try to hit 85 with Vaktor. I’d also like to log some more time in Oblivion.

2 responses to “Nearing the Limit Again

  1. Tradeskill pacing is *atrocious*. I’ve been trying to do a Skinning/Leatherworking Druid, and I’ve just given up on playing through the game with Leatherworking keeping pace. I skin everything and kill a few extras, but there’s just never enough leather. It’s a pretty stupid. (And why do we need *20* dinosaurs’ worth of leather to make gloves, anyway?) I’m sticking with Leatherworking instead of starting Mining or Herbology just because I’m stubborn, but I’m not happy with it.

    Come to think of it, it’s also useless as a way to get good gear, as quest rewards and dungeon gear easily outstrip crafted gear, whether self-bound BoP stuff or the BoE stuff. If it’s only good at the endgame, that’s piss poor design.

    …OK, that’s it. I’m dropping Leatherworking. It was an experiment to see if it could be good design, and if it got better in Outland. It didn’t. I’m just going to pick up another gathering profession and start making money selling junk to those who want to craft for some reason, instead of spending money in a futile effort to make crafting worthwhile.

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