The Upgrade Begins

Today I started working on the long-awaited upgrade to my desktop PC. The new hard drive and Windows 7 are installed and working perfectly, although I’m sure there are more settings in Windows 7 that I’ll want to tweak. I started the long and involves process of reinstalling various games and applications; completing this will probably eat up the rest of the week.

One oddity is that Windows isn’t seeing the old hard drive. This isn’t a problem as far as getting the upgrade done goes, since I wanted to start clean on the new drive anyway, but it’s something that I’ll need to get fixed, as that old drive has quite a lot of data I want to keep on it. I can think of several potential reasons for the issue, but I suspect that it’s a bad connection, so it’ll take opening the case back up and checking everything first. Worst case, maybe one of the SATA ports is bad, and I have two extras. Eventually that drive will get wiped, reformatted and used for media and document storage.

So if there’s not a lot of gaming talk here between now and the weekend, don’t be surprised.

One response to “The Upgrade Begins

  1. Win 7 can be kind of finicky in what drives it sees or does not see, with a perfect connection.