New SWTOR Vids Out of PAX East

Some new SWTOR vids were revealed at PAX East, which just ended. This first to hit was the third “trailer” for SWTOR, which is all in-game footage:

Color me unimpressed, although in fairness I felt the cinematic trailers for SWTOR were mind-blowingly great, so it’s maybe not surprising that this seems a bit limp in comparison. The music and voice work sound fantastic, I’ll say that, but the art style and animations look really flat to me. The next piece is a 16 minute dev walkthrough of some mid-level instanced content:

This is far more interesting, in that we get a nice extended look at the actual gameplay dynamic. It doesn’t look bad, and some elements of it look extremely well-done, but at the same time I’m just not seeing any reason to be exceptionally excited about it. That could always change as we get closer to launch.


6 responses to “New SWTOR Vids Out of PAX East

  1. I disagree, I thought it was refreshing to have a gameplay trailer. Dont get me wrong im a sucker for cinematics but I think after releasing 2 already they needed to showcase some of the game which i felt the trailer did ok (not amazing granted).

    As for gameplay il await till its in my sweaty lil hands to judge but yeah it does look very familiar.

  2. Well, the standards are different for cinematic versus gameplay trailers. And I agree that it was time to see more gameplay footage, I just wasn’t impressed by this. Hell, I think your average EQ2 trailer is more exciting than this one. From the standpoint of seeing more of what the game actually plays like I felt the second clip was much more informative – that’s why I made sure to include it.

  3. agreed the flash point one was much more informative with regards to what we can expect. Id also advise having a look at you tube as a few of the origin starter stories have made their way across.

    Did you watch the guild wars 2 panel ? GW 2 was another game i was excited by but i felt kinda meh about it after listening to some of the Q & A answers. Ill still be buying it as a free to play option mind you, i just hope my gtx 460 can get half as good visuals as they had on show

  4. It looks like they’ve actually aimed for a light cellshade effect on the character art, in the first video. That could just be the overall video effect they were using, but that’s the impression that I received.

    Seeing our friendly Sith with the half-mechanical face, I wonder if endgame is going to end up overlapping with the Knights of the Old Republic game storyline, or if we’re just going to see him appearing in cutscenes and battles along the way.

  5. “GW 2 was another game i was excited by but i felt kinda meh about it after listening to some of the Q & A answers”

    Someone I can add to my Keen and Graev list of “Do the opposite of what they say” list..

    Thanks Pitrelli…even more excited for GW2 now.

    • I’ve softened on both games as well, but I’m still keeping an eye on them. GW2 in particular might be something special.

      As to comparing folks to Keen… that’s cold, man.