Riding the RDF Train

“On the calendar,” as it were, I’m not making lightning-fast progress on my recently-created Undead Mage, owing to a schedule which really only lets me play for a few hours total during the week, and then a couple of longer sessions over the weekend. Plus there was the PC upgrade (as previously noted) this past week, which ate up some time that might otherwise have been spent in profitable gaming.

“On the clock,” though, I’ve been thundering up the level curve; over the weekend I stacked on about six more levels, ending at 42. Most of this was done through instances run under the RDF; even in the middle of the night when I can get this kind of play in, they pop fast enough that I have trouble getting conventional questing done. It looks as though I will be able to hit all of the “Classic” five-mans by the time I reach the Outland level range, save for the lower-level instances that I didn’t get to before level 30, where leveling via quests was so fast that I didn’t get time to run them. This amounts to RFC, WC, BFD, DM and Stockades, all of which I will probably hit at some later point – and Stockades is the only one that will be a hassle to get to, situated as it is smack in the middle of Stormwind. Even then, though, I may be able to swoop in on a flying mount before the patrols can knock me down.

The instance groups have been almost all at least okay – sometimes people jump ship as soon as they see the dungeon they’ve landed in, but once things have settled down I haven’t had many issues. Earlier today there was a guy Needing on stuff he shouldn’t have, but a unanimous groups showed him his error and he bent. And there have been the occasional bonehead pulls and resulting wipes, but that stuff happens. It’s nice when people actually talk in the party, and I prefer that even if there are problems with the dungeon itself.

I have my suite of mods installed atop the new install as well. This amounts to Bartender, Perl, OneBag and OneBank, Skada for threat and DPS, and Grid and Clique against future endgame instances. There’s not much call to use them in leveling instances on a Mage. The Auctioneer suite in particular I’m avoiding because of the harm it does to WoW’s economy, but there are certainly times that I miss it. In any even I’m trying to keep my list of addons as small as possible to avoid performance issues and the inevitable issues with keeping everything up to date.

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