Capped Again

I’d wanted to hit level 85 a couple of weeks ago but hadn’t really found the time to make the final push. This afternoon I had that chance, and after a total of about 10 hours at level 84, I hit 85 and have a level-capped character again. A couple of months late, but a lot closer to the action than I’d been during Wrath.

For those keeping track at home, yes, I only touched three of the five Cataclysm zones in order to progress from 80 to 85. This was with a 10% guild XP buff and mostly under rest XP, but then, I didn’t run any dungeons during that time, either. I do expect to start doing so now, and I also plan to do the Twilight Highlands content before moving on to dailies and such. I’m still about 400 gold away from Artisan flight, and then there’ll be Blacksmithing to suck money out of me, and leveling the secondary skills via money and time.

After pondering it a fair bit, I’m switching back to Ret for dungeoneering. I’m more comfortable with it, until I learn the Cataclysm five-mans, which are, everyone seems to agree, tougher than the Wrath dungeons by a fair margin.

Mrs. Ardwulf and I are also playing a pair of Worgen through the new content, both in the Worgen starting area and the revamped old world. I haven’t seen much of the latter from the Alliance side yet, so it’s pretty much all new.

EDIT: I keep saying Artisan flying when what I mean is Master flying – the +310% flight speed level.

2 responses to “Capped Again

  1. Twilight highlands is by far the best questing imo. Old Gods, Burning Dwarves, Dragons, Burning Dwarves, Crucible of Carnage, Burning Dwarves. It’s got it all.