A scant hour or so into level 85, while questing in the Twilight Highlands, I picked up the last of the gold needed to buy the highest level of flying skill. Handily, just before that I’d hit exalted with Stormwind, making it unnecessary to make the very inconvenient run to either Exodar or Northrend to buy the upgrade from a faction with whom I’d get the biggest discount.

So, go +310% flight speed! Along with Crusader Aura this makes me very swift indeed. It’ll probably mean I’m more inclined to fly around doing Archaeology now, among many other conveniences. Eventually I’ll drag myself back to Northrend to finish grinding up Mining, and thence to Hyjal to work on the Cataclysm levels of same.

I also ran my first Cataclysm dungeon, as a random which fired as Lost City of the Tol’vir. Which, typically, is the highest level of the dungeons available, and is also one of those I hadn’t read up on in advance. Thankfully, while I’d say it was indeed more difficult than a comparable Wrath dungeon, the group was competent and we were successful with no deaths, although it was squeaky-close in a couple of places. I got a couple of pieces of upgraded gear out of it, which puts me closer to running Heroics (which I’m actually not all that terribly far away from.)

All this also puts me close to Honored with my guild, which’ll also let me buy the new heirlooms. The money’s coming in pretty fast at this point, so I don’t figure that will be a problem. On that subject, I’m doing dual gathering (mining and skinning) with the new Worgen (Warrior) and copper is going for simply stupid prices. So while whatever leather I get will be redirected to my (idle) Leatherworker, I already have a more than sufficient stockpile of copper laying around in another alt’s bank, so that’ll all get sold. At 37 gold a stack, that’s hard to say no to.

One response to “Superfast

  1. Grats on the 310% mount! Once you have a lot of bored 85s sitting around the prices on some low level mats tend to go through the roof. Copper is selling for berserk prices on my server as well.