News From FanFest: Captain’s Quaters

The following two videos show the tail end of a presentation from FanFest, talking about the features introduced to EVE with the new character creator, and what’s coming. The second of the two is a gloriously low-res preview of the Captain’s Quarters, which is the first piece of Ambulation getting rolled out. It’s not a substantive addition in terms of content, but it’s a start.

The interesting thing here is that the Captain’s Quarters is a replacement for the current in-station screen, which is rather a nice touch, I think, in that it cosmetically enhances an existing gameplay element without really subverting anything that already exists or introducing a huge time-waster, which is the real danger than Ambulation presents. If you add a bunch of stuff for players to do outside of their ships, that takes away from the core, ship-based, EVE experience. CCP seems to be aware of this (they’ve discussed it in the past) and are moving cautiously.

The Captain’s Quarters ought to hit test within a few weeks.


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