A Long-Awaited Play Session

There’s been relatively little going on around here for the last couple of weeks due to sheer lack of time. The new quarter started on March 28th and I had a schedule shuffle at the end of the first week, necessitating a lot of furious studying to catch up to where the class I’d joined a week late was at. Thankfully, this looks to be a relatively easy quarter, so hopefully things will start to settle down now that I am caught up.

For the curious, I’m taking Discrete Math, History (of the Late Roman Empire) and Linguistics. The first of these is for my CIS major, while the other two fulfill general requirements.

Heading into this past weekend, I hadn’t so much as logged into an MMO in two weeks, just due to time pressures. I did manage to clock some hours on Saturday, however, about 5 into World of Warcraft and maybe 2 into LotRO, which I’d been away from for a bit. Turbine was running a sale on the Mirkwood content pack on Saturday, so I picked up a $10 points card and bought that in the store. This means that I now have access to all of LotRO’s quest content, save only Enedwaith, which I’m in no danger of getting to anytime soon. My long-term goal for the game remains getting my (Dwarf) character into Moria and then playing the hell out of that.

In WoW, I ran Straithcairn out to Swamp of Sorrows and did basically all the quests there, which netted me three levels in about three hours, with an aborted run into Blackrock Spire in there somewhere. By the time I’d finished he was level 59 and out in Hellfire Peninsula, a zone I despise. Hopefully I can run him through that fairly quickly, because the next zone in the sequence – Zangarmarsh – is one of my favorites in the whole game. As expected, he’s started replacing all his carefully-gathered blue dungeon gear with Outland greens that blow the old stuff out of the water. This will happen again when he transitions to Wrath content (where I’ll start with Howling Fjord this time around,) but it’s a bit more gradual when moving from Wrath content to Cataclysm content.

In another move that was overdue, I reinstalled EverQuest II Extended (which I hadn’t had on my system since the hard drive swap a few weeks back.) I didn’t do anything more than check in, but I’ll get into it sooner or later. I do note that now there’s an option to download the whole client in one chunk rather than stream assets as needed… which actually worked better for me anyway. I almost bought a timecard for EQ2 Live, but held off just due to my recent inability to scratch together play time – there’s more on my plate than I can get to already, and LotRO scratches most of the itches of EQ2. If only I had better class selection in EQ2X… that’s what had me wanting to go back to Live instead.

Finally, in real life matters, Mrs. Ardwulf has insisted, over my sternly-worded protests, on throwing a freaking birthday party for me this year. I haven’t had a birthday party since I was a kid. Lots of hushed phone calls with my mom and sister over that.


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