Mass Effect Online?

Maybe someday, but not soon.

When I saw the headline I jumped on it, but it’s nothing substantive, just loose talk that may turn into something years down the line. Still, I’d pick it up in a heartbeat. The first comment was “It’s called TOR,” which there’s some truth to, insofar as SWTOR is projected to import ME’s dialogue systems and, hopefully, cimenaticity (Is that even a word? Now it is!) I personally, however, would rather have seen Mass Effect Online be BioWare’s big MMO news when they announced SWTOR. Hell, I’d have preferred to see a Forgotten Realms Online, as unlikely as that would have been. The way I see it – and I know lots of folks are excited about SWTOR, and good for them, I hope they enjoy it – Star Wars is a tired franchise with its best days, and even its mediocre days well behind it. As much cred as Bioware deserves with the property, the moment I start thinking much about it I recall the terrible prequels and the universally panned Force Unleashed 2 (which BioWare was of course not responsible for, but it taints the whole IP,) and my nascent enthusiasm evaporates.

Now I’m going off to grumble for the rest of the day about what it would have been like if BioWare had sunk $300 million into its own IP instead of somebody else’s.

2 responses to “Mass Effect Online?

  1. I’ve been tracking this one closely and from what I’ve read it seems to play a lot like Knight of the Old Republic (1 and 2) and those are actually the source for a lot of the mechanics, i.e. dialogue choice wheel, that will be in SWTOR.

    While Mass Effect would be a great MMO setting, I guess Bioware figured they’ve done this before as single-player RPGs and have Lucasarts’ trust so why not capitalize on the untapped market for a sci-fi MMO, EvE notwithstanding. It will be nice to be able to play with my kids in an environment with which they are familiar.

    • And since I couldn’t see the actual article at work when I wrote this post, here’s some clarifications. I’ve been tracking SWTOR closely, hehe. I still think that Mass Effect may be a good MMO setting,but Bioware trying their MMO chops with the deep pockets of Lucasarts behind them is a smart decision. If an ME MMO arrives, the company will have learned some lessons from the SWTOR experience.