ArcheAge: Fresh?

If this game even remotely lives up to the potential displayed in this video, it’ll be worth keeping a wide eye on.

Yeah, it’s Korean, and I’m not a fan. It will probably be free to play, which’ll leave open the possibility of a predatory cash shop. And judging from the care taken with the video, it’ll have lots of Engrish in it.

Plus, I think the character models look like they don’t fit the world very well. Whereas the latter has a distinct and gorgeous look going on, the former look like they could have been imported from any of a half dozen other Korean games.

But still… check out the video and tell me it doesn’t at least sound exciting.

PLUS: What the fuck did YouTube do with their embed code?
UPDATE: Ah, they’ve hidden it behind the Share button.

3 responses to “ArcheAge: Fresh?

  1. Taking the video at face value, they definately seem to have the right idea. If the castle siege gameplay shown wasn’t some cutscene, but actual gameplay that can happen weekly instead of once in a millenium by only the richest most powerful guilds, I’d be somewhat excited.

  2. I admit, I’m intrigued too, with the promise of the ability to change the game world in such a way that different servers are different.

  3. I saw an earlier video for this. I remember the rainbow elephants. I’d forgotten all about it, but yes, it does look intriguing.