Into Evendim

As I’ve mentioned, in recent weeks I’ve only managed to scrape together a few hours for gaming each weekend. This time around, that… well, it didn’t change. However, I did manage to spend those meager hours on something other than Minecraft.

When I re-subscribed to WoW a little over two months ago, I left LotRO behind, temporarily, since even during the break I didn’t really have time for two games. This past weekend I got back to it, logging a bit under 6 hours and finally breaking through to level 37 on my nominal main. He’d been parked at 36 forever, even though I had managed to log in occasionally and do a couple of quests here and there.

With the Evendim revamp complete, it seemed high time to head over there and do more than lightly poke around. And indeed, the changes are pretty visible; the biggest one being the addition of boat routes to various places around the lake, accessible even to free players, and mostly eliminating all the the tedious swimming that had seen the zone referred to as “Everswim” by some cut-ups.

I’m not all that far into the questing there, and have never gone through it before, so I can’t eally say how much it’s changed from that end, but I can say that it’s not a complete questing revamp a la Cataclysm – instead, it appears that a significant number of quests have been added on top of what was already there.

After hitting level 37 I headed to Thorin’s Halls to do some crafting. By dropping about a gold and a half on mats I finally mastered out the Apprentice tier in Metalsmithing, as well as the Journeyman tier; I’d had a big stockpile of Barrow-Iron and the only thing holding me up had been a lack of Tin, since this is my only character actually adventuring above level 10. In an effort to clean out the shared bank, which I primarily use to share crafting-related drops between characters, I worked up tradeskills on my tailor, forester, scholar and weaponsmith as well. A recent change removed the mandatory crafting leveling quests, so while there are still quests to get recipes and such, you can now level crafting on a non-adventuring character strictly by actually crafting, with the need to go find drops in higher-level areas eliminated.

Moving forward, I intend to pick up the epic questline where I left off. I should probably break out the alts and take them up to level 20 or thereabouts as well.

4 responses to “Into Evendim

  1. They removed the rare item drop quests, where you had to go off to Trollshaws to kill a giant boar or something. Instead they just have “make me 3 of this normal craftable food and two of that one and I’ll let you level” type of quests. So no more having to try to recruit a high level to come along and kill all the purple-names for your poor pitiful low-level so he can advance his crafting.

    My highest character (can’t really call him my main the way I play) is currently at 32. I did pick up the Evendim pack when it was on sale, so eventually I shall be headed there. Currently he’s finishing up Lone Lands quests and just starting into Trollshaws quests.

  2. Even pre-revamp I was advised to favor Evendim over the Trollshaws. I’m not sure how the zone levels break down after the change, however – before, 32 would have been low to start Evendim.

    I actually went to the Trollshaws first, and did a round or two of quests before crapping out on them and heading back to North Downs (which has a huge number of quests, but a fair number of them are fellowship quests.) I think I hit Evendim just pre-revamp at about 35.

    I made sure to have a stock of points going into the holiday sales around last Thanksgiving. I netted the shared bank and the entire array of pre-Moria quest packs, all on sales (Moria I already had from the retail expansion.) Some time back skirmishes were on sale, so I picked up a couple extras there as well, and a couple of weeks ago I bought Mirkwood when it was on sale. So I’ve spent something like $80, plus whatever I paid for the original game back at launch, but I have many months of basically full or near-full access before I get near content I don’t yet own.

  3. I leveled through my 30’s mostly in Evendim, but did hit the Trollshaws just for the sake of Nostalgia. The boats are probably a nice addition to the zone. Poking around the ruins of Annúminas made the zone for me…the architecture there is pretty stunning.