Return to Rivendell

Some time back Hroar had made the looooong run to Rivendell for no other reason than to see it. Now, just a few levels short of 40, I had several quests leading me there. At this level there’s even a deed for getting there. Which is good, beacuse getting there is kind of a pain in the ass. In a fit of presumed masochism (or possibly cheapness) I even decided to make the trip manually instead of using the travel hubs.

There were a number of side excursions and distractions along the way – I decided to finish up a couple quests in the Lone-Lands to kick my standing with the Eglain up to Ally, for example – so the trip took a good solid hour and a half. But I finally made it, and finished up a small bundle of quests that had me talking to Aragorn, and Elrond, Frodo and Bilbo in the Last Homely House.

Where I am in the epic storyline right now is just around the Council of Elrond. So I was kind of hoping that it hasn’t happened yet, and that a piece of that story will see me taking part in it, but one quest where I had to take a lengthy and uneventful walk with Frodo makes me think it’s already occurred. That’s too bad – a great opportunity for geeking out was thereby missed.

LotRO’s fourth anniversary celebration is happening now, by the way; you can find all the details HERE. I’m not terribly interested in grind for tokens at the moment, and I haven’t seen any cosmetic items that I like the look of (or that would look good on a Dwarf,) although I may well take advantage of the double XP (for monster kills) weekend by rolling around completing miscellaneous slayer deeds yet undone. And the housing maps are pretty cool.

6 responses to “Return to Rivendell

  1. I was disappointed in the look/feel of Rivendell. Looks great from a distance (like your screen shot) but given LOTRO’s in game map does not represent the Z-axis space well at all, the Last Homely House is a bitch to find quest givers/trainers/rep sales NPCs, not to mention the smattering of instanced rooms hiding/confusing things further. There was no ‘ooo ahh’ moment when walking thru those doors for the first time, like when you walked into the Green Dragon Inn of Bree which really nailed the atmosphere of the book. Despite its lofty looking exterior, the LHH is a rectangular space with 3 levels…like a HOJO.

  2. Well, I will say that I was less impressed by the Last Homely House than I was by the Green Dragon. Comparing them to, say, the movies, I thought the game did the latter better, whereas I think the movies did Elrond’s place better. Still, that’s not the comparison I’m making when I play LotRO nowadays. I’m seeing it more as the spiritual successor to MERP than anything else. I wrote about this a while back.

    I like the Rivendell exteriors, although I’m forced to agree that the whole place is kind of a pain in the ass to get around in. I would rather have that than samey hubs, though.

    • Yes the setting looks great – hidden valley, roaring river, atmospherically placed buildings. Felt really cool coming down that windy path into Rivendell. With LOTRO I kind of judge an areas effectiveness with the amount of RPing going on. Never seen a single LARPing soul in that area, whereas the Hobbity areas are still going strong.

  3. Alright, I’ll bite. What’s a HOJO?

    I do agree about the atmospheric setting in Rivendell. My first visit to Rivendell was with my level 21 or so Loremaster, alone and on foot, in order to reach the artisan scholar quest (before they took the nasty craft leveling quests out). The high moors section was pretty much an extended dose of high octane terror since everything was about twice my level and my fog-clouded map was not giving me any real guidance as to where I might find the entrance to Rivendell. I finally stumbled across the entrance guards while fleeing for my life from yet another stealth lynx attack when I fell off the little ridge and onto the guard’s head.

    • HoJo = Howard Johnson motor lodge! Rectangular 3-story structures with little to distinguish from the La Quintas or Courtyard by Marriotts, ect. I walk into the legendary Elronds home and am greeted by a 3-story box structure with ramps. Considering the outside does not a bit match the interior layout, it was just a bit of a letdown for me. But they get so many other locations right, can’t be too critical, as my monthly sub fee=free

  4. I really liked it the first time entering, and still do even having been there a hundred times now. The music in particular is very good, both outside, and when in Elrond’s library. The solo woman piece is eerie and beautiful.

    I just got through Moria on my Hunter, and checking out Lothlorien now. Another pretty zone with great music!