Things New and Less New

On the fritz for the last month or two, my trusty Logitech G5 mouse finally bit the dirt this past week, after five years of solid use. I’d been noticing that its sensitivity and accuracy had been decaying for some time. I’ve replaced it with a Logitech G500, which is essentially an up-to-date version of the same mouse. It has more buttons, all programmable, and I’m still working out how to get the best use out of them in the games I play.

The game of choice this weekend has been Age of Conan, which I reinstalled late in the week. For this you can blame Beau. About a week and a half ago he posted a YouTube vid (linked previously) of some playtime in AoC, and I’ve been itching to try it again since. It’d been on the PC pre-wipe, but I hadn’t been subscribed to it for ages. Rather, I had been taking advantage of the “Unlimited Trial” of play up to level 20 occasionally.

I’d been in AoC at launch, liked it then, and didn’t have an issue with many of the things other people complained about. But then, I never got very far, either – about level 30 or so. I’d dropped in from time to time since then, but never to stay.

At this point I’m just doing the play-for-free thing… until my interest drops. But ‘m nearing 20 on the first new character, and it hasn’t yet, so once that happens I’ll try a different class. Too, it’s really hard for me to maintain momentum in a game these days, what with my schedule only allowing me to play much on the weekend.

As for AoC, it’s pretty much the same game it was, now with a great deal of additional refinement, and content all along the leveling curve – even in Tortage there’s new stuff. And I’m finding some things I hadn’t before, too, that I think were always there, but which I missed because I was concentrating on the launch leveling race. More to explore is cool, and now, capped at 20 anyway, there’s no reason to rush.

My dirty secret, though, is that I’ve got a Rise of the Godslayer code that I can use to tack on 30 days of full access, should I so choose. I’m not activating it yet… but if I play through Tortage a couple of times and want more, I might.

We’ll see.


One response to “Things New and Less New

  1. I really enjoyed my return to AoC a little while ago, its definately an MMO you can return to after taking long breaks. I last subbed for 3 months so I should have a good few offline levels to ‘gift’ my Ranger if he ever hits level 30