Expansion/Renewal Quandary

I have two Age of Conan accounts, one from early access and launch, with all the preorder goodies and all my meticulously crafted, authentically Hyborian names reserved. And with my two highest-level characters, a 28 Cimmerian Barbarian and a 22 Aquilonian Conqueror (the latter is my current avatar virtually everywhere, by the way.) The second account is the freebie account I created to take advantage of the Unlimited Trial, which lets you play for free up to level 20. (Actually, I forget whether the trial limits you to level 20, or to Tortage content, or both. I think it’s both.) The second account has no characters on it higher than about level 14.

Here’s the quandary: Rise of the Godslayer is an inclusive expansion much like the ones SOE puts out. That is, it includes the base game as well, which means that a new player picking it up gets the base game, the expansion, and 30 days of game time. But this last only applies to new accounts; existing accounts that apply the expansion code don’t get the 30 days. This is how SOE expansions work, too, and I’m unclear why it’s thought that denying that time to existing loyal customers is considered desirable. Admittedly, it’s probably less bad than the World of Warcraft angle of saying “screw you, new guy – go out and buy all the old boxes as well.”

If this were not the case, I would have bought RotG a long time ago, and I’d probably have bought Destiny of Velious a few weeks ago (and boy, not doing so is sounding like a great idea now, eh?)

So essentially, I could get an extra 30 days of play by registering RotG to the freebie account. What I did instead was use it on my launch/preorder account, sign up for 30 days at $14.95 (which the website requires when you register the code to an inactive account,) immediately canceled billing, then applied one of my four time cards. So I got my extra 30 days anyway, I just had to spend an extra $15 on it. Goofy.

2 responses to “Expansion/Renewal Quandary

  1. yeah you made the right choice applying the code to your old account as it means you can take advantage of the veteran player vendors and also you should get the chance to create a one off level 50 toon which is pretty cool.

    Good to see folk returning to AoC as imo I is actually one of the best out there these days. To be honest one of its biggest strengths is its amazing graphics but its also its downfall as the system requirements are pretty high cutting off a large portion of potential players. Enjoy anyway.

  2. I built my current system with the goal of playing Age of Conan, and it was close to cutting-edge at the time. Three years in, after a modest graphics card upgrade and a move to Windows 7, it runs pretty well with everything on full blast in DX10. Not flawlessly – it’s a little hitchy – but pretty well. I can’t say how it runs on a newer but more modest system.

    You only get the insta-50 once you already have a 50, by the way. Still, I’ll take advantage of that at some point.