Happy Birthday, EVE Online!

EVE is eight today. I’d never noticed it before, but it almost shares a birthday with someone else. Plus there’s goodies. Make sure to read the label.

Congrats to the folks at CCP who developed EVE aso the leading edge of the MMO world, and who have kept it there. And congrats also to the players and community who have kept it strong and growing over a period that few (if any) other MMOs have managed to equal.


One response to “Happy Birthday, EVE Online!

  1. I hope they can transfer this success into a killer MMO that is more avatar based; i.e: World of Darkness.

    I would really like to see a company who did something different (though not my style, but I respect WHAT they did) and bring it to an avatar, fantasy (I know…Horror actually, but, isn’t all Horror fantasy?) styled MMO.

    But, DAMN are they slow in development…