A Challenge to Age of Conan Players

Something I discovered while getting back into Age of Conan is the relative dearth of web-based resources for it. There’s a couple of ad-supported sites like ConanVault, but the information on there is very shaky, and much of it is out of date. And there’s other stuff you can of course Google for. But the natural repository for such information would be a wiki. But alas, the AoCWiki is embarrassingly out of date. It’s not totally abandoned, but of lot of the information in there is from prior to the release of Rise of the Godslayer, and some of it predates the release of the game itself.

So here’s the gauntlet, thrown down. I’m challenging Age of Conan players to step up and give the AoCWiki some love. Add functional maps and graphics. Get the listings of quests, abilities, zones and dungeons up-to-date and complete. Write some walkthroughs for zones or instances. Me, I’ve been working on the zone list, but I’m just recently back and still feeling out the game, and have to dig up information instead of knowing it cold. But I do have some experience working on a wiki.

Part of what has helped EVE Online thrive as it has and continue to grow is the love put into web-based resources by the community. A wiki alone isn’t the end of that, but it’s a start. If you love Age of Conan, get out there and put in some time. If every Age of Conan player went over just one article with a little knowledge and polish, the AoCWiki would be one of the best resources of its kind in MMOs.


6 responses to “A Challenge to Age of Conan Players

  1. True. I don’t play enough AOC to help, but I know that http://swg.wikia.com has been invaluable to me as a SWG player and I often turn new players (and old) to it when they’re trying to make their way in what can be a ridiculously complex game. I can’t imagine my SWG life without it. It’s pained me that AOC doesn’t have that. They do have http://aoc-is.better-than.tv/ and http://aoc.yg.com which are kind of nice, if overwhelming.

  2. When I moved over to EvE from AoC, I was amazed at the web-based information available for the latter and considered doing the same for AoC, but it had already begun its death spiral. Not sure anyone would have the motivation to do so now, almost three years later, as it has lost even more players since.

  3. I just updated the BRC section. Amazing that some of the info wasn’t there yet but now it is. Everyone go see if its correct and modify if necessary.

  4. Age of Conan is an out of date, unpolished, lite MMO, so there are very few players so not many willing to false advertise on a wiki.

    The good news is it is very basic and easy, lacking depth due to poor economic, trade skill, class, grouping, and other mechanics. So just make one page that displays two skills per class and explain to the new players that they must press the button then play Simmon says every time with the same series.

  5. Haters gonna hate. Actually, although you wouldn’t see it from the traffic here, the response has been thunderous. Vast improvements have already been made, more are in the works, and despite the efforts of a would-be vandal or two (probably an embittered Warhammer fan… but hey, that’s just a guess,) things are humming right along.

  6. It’s pretty ludicrous of ya to judge a game based on other people’s foul rants, and your own bad first impressions on a game that’s been through 3 years of constant refinement. I love the quest section of the AoC wiki btw, It’s helped me out countless times when I’m checking for cool quests and/or dungeon quests that I’ve might have missed for some reason. Check out the game again, chances are you’ll find it enjoyable.