I Say Thee, Yea!

Mrs. Ardwulf and I went off to the not-so-local theater this afternoon to see Thor. She is generally aware of the property through exposure to various Marvel comics; I am a big fan of the character from the Walt Simonson era. We both enjoyed it very much.

It’s a shallow but very well-crafted film. It’s also an example of a movie where the CGI (which is found in copious quantities,) is very much in service to the story, rather than plastered on to add glitz. Some of the earth-bound characters, Natalie Portman’s in particular, aren’t very interesting, and there’s what feels like a narrative gap in the middle of the film, where her relationship with Hemsworth’s Thor isn’t quite as far along as the film’s editors seemed to think it was. But Asgard is glorious, and the centerpiece of the film lies with Thor, Loki and Odin – and that is captured exceptionally well. Tom Hiddleston in particular is wonderful as Loki; his is the finest arc in the movie, and he was perfectly cast.

Trailers included Green Lantern and Captain America, both of which we plan to go see, as well as a bunch of other stuff that did not appear particularly interesting.

As with most (all?) Marvel films, stay until the credits are over.


3 responses to “I Say Thee, Yea!

  1. See, I thought the trailers for Captain America and Green Lantern looked pretty unappealing. Attack on the Block, on the other hand …

  2. I went and saw the non-3D version of Thor over the weekend. I felt they did a really good job translating the character. I think I may have lessened the impact for myself by reading too many reviews and watching too many trailers for it ahead of time. I was expecting to be blown away like I was by the Iron Man and Spider Man. Instead, I was merely thoroughly entertained.

    Green Lantern simply isn’t looking too good based on the trailors. Captain America I’m still on the fence about.