What’s Cooking

Not a moment of gaming has happened since the middle of last week. Here’s what’s been up instead. So no gaming, although I did hop online a time or two.

  • The weekend was spent back in Cleveland visiting the folks and engaging in the obligatory birthday party. I balked at throwing one, but Mrs. Ardwulf was insistent. For those not following me on Facebook, I turned 40 on May 5th. I am not over the hill. However, I am on the hill and can see all the way down the other side.
  • The little bits of extra time that I did over the last week or so were thrown at the Age of Conan wiki, where the gauntlet I threw down last week has been taken up, with gusto, by several members of the AoC community that have really stepped up to get the place into shape. It’s still not where it needs to be, but the improvement over there has been great.
  • I’ve had enough of Keen’s infantile petulance. I’ve removed him from my feedreader and Twitter follows. I don’t have time for imbeciles who have had nothing either clever or positive to say in years. Any Keentards who decide they need to post flames here will be summarily blocked.
  • I’ve reinstalled Vanguard. I plan to drop in for a visit one of these weekends, or maybe over the one-week break I have coming up in about three weeks. The inevitable post detailing that will probably be fairly maudlin, as it will almost certainly be the last time I visit Telon.
  • As noted on the Twitter Feed, during the trip home I snatched up a couple more 60-day AoC time cards. I now have about a year’s worth. As Elementalistly noted yesterday in another great breaking-down-the-numbers post, there seems to be at least a small uptick in buzz regarding AoC. The next few weeks would be a good time for Funcom to make a significant announcement to keep the momentum going.
  • Game of Thrones episode 5 was the best one yet.

6 responses to “What’s Cooking

  1. Reading Keen is like living with someone with bipoler disorder. When he is high on a game, it makes for great reading. When he is down, he is unreadable.

  2. Yeah, I stopped reading Keen quite a while ago. But on a happier note, Happy Birthday and I’m glad you’re enjoying AoC, it has inspired me to re-install the game and possibly use the gamecard I have just sitting here.

  3. WoW…Keen reprisal. I love it.

    This guy has irked me ever since he kept deleting all my comments on his blog because I argued a specific subject with him, and he didn’t like it, so deleted instead of telling me where I was wrong.

    In so many words, I am always right, and if you point out I am wronf…DELETE.

    As to the numbers, yeppers…AoC HAS seen activity rise…especially matching up with the various news posts about upcoming changes. Impressive how we can see this (the other example being Aion, who overtook LOTRO due to their upcoming MAJOR content patch).

    Seeing LOTRO has one coming coming also, I expect a rise there soon.

    Anyways, Happy Birthday…but, please, why subject yourself to the sad empty world of Vanguard (LOL)…the echo’s will be extreme.

    Game of Thrones…ROCKS!!