Age of Conan Welcomes Back Former Players

As reported on Massively and elsewhere, Funcom has reactivated all inactive Age of Conan accounts through the end of May. There are also in-game goodies like XP potions and such, and a contest where you can will free copies of the game, extra game time, and the like, all in support of AoC’s third anniversary.

5 responses to “Age of Conan Welcomes Back Former Players

  1. I have made essentially the same decision with AoC. I mentioned it before, but I’ll likely write a post about it this week. I’m glad you’re enjoying Rift; it’s a good game, but it didn’t really sing to me.

  2. Fun, except it’s not apparently true. Reloaded and updated AoC. Confirmed account and pw worked by logging into their account site, where it still says I’m inactive.
    Tried updating and logging in anyway…won’t let me in.

  3. Did. Been waiting since the 25th for a reply.
    Funcom “support” has never been terribly…responsive.